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sisters, do you think that a prince of deen will marry you while you just sit in front of your laptop, busy updating your status about marrying a righteous man or sharing almost all of Irma Hasmie's marriage photos and saying how lucky she is to become a wife of a great man? Will a prince of deen look for you just because of your splendid poem about marriage, your 'surat-buat-calon-suami' entries or your 'menanti-bakal-imamku-dunia-akhirat' status?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wordless wednesday : insyaAllah, the day will come.


ezzah junsu said...

hani !! lama xjengah blog hani !

cik hanny^^ said...

ezza! hehe.. time kaseh sudi jengah walaupun da lama x jengah. hehe :p

ezzah junsu said...

ye hani :)