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Monday, July 16, 2012

MMU Dress Code Campaign

Student Affairs Division (STAD) in collaboration with Students' Representative Council (SRC) had launched the Dress Code Campaign at both Melaka and Cyberjaya campuses to create awareness regarding proper attires while in campus among students. 

Among the dress code that needs to be highlighted are as follows: 

1. Shorts. 
Under the General Discipline of Students Section 29(c): 
No student shall wear shorts or hot pants or Bermuda shorts within the University. 

2. Sleeveless clothing. 
Under the General Discipline of Students Section 29(a): 
No student shall wear blouses, t-shirts, singlet, tank tops or any clothing which bares the shoulders and armpits and/or belly, within the University. 

3. Mini-skirts 
Under the General Discipline of Students Section 29(e): 
No student shall wear skirts that reveal the knees within the University. 

4. Transparent, body hugging and hanging clothing 
Under the General Discipline of Students Section 29.4(c): 
No student shall wear any revealing or transparent clothing within the University. 

5. Slippers. 
Under the General Discipline of Students Section 29.4(h): 
No student shall wear slippers or flip-flops in all academic and administration buildings at all times. 

Under the General Discipline of Students Section 29, it is stated: 

All students shall observe the dress code guidelines issued by the University from time to time during official interactions and activities within the University premises. Any student who fails to comply with the dress code guidelines shall be forbidden from entering the University premises. 

You may refer with the attached dress code picture and your cooperation to adhere to the campus dress code is highly appreciated. 

Thank you and regards. 

Student Affairs Division(STAD), 
Multimedia University. 


Yes! :)

p/s : sokong 100% dengan campaign ni :)   sakit mata kot tengok 'orang kita' yang pakai baju adik sendiri. taktau apa yang diorang nak tunjuk dan tayang.

©hanny jaffar©

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Anonymous said...

Hai kak. Boleh tak pakai jeans dan long-sleeve blouse/shirt semasa dalam kampus? Untuk perempuan muslim dan bukan muslim.